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The DIM2SEA research project aims to increase urban resilience to large scale disasters by developing a Dynamic Integrated Model for DIsaster Management and Socio-Economic Analysis (DIM2SEA). 

To achieve that DIM2SEA uses spatial analysis, simulation modeling and and GIS tools.

DIM2SEA aims to generate an analytic framework for evaluating, planning and mitigating possible impacts of large-scale disasters, both natural and man-made.
In the project Hazard and Damage Assessment models are integrated with Agent Based Simulation and GIS-based socio-economic profiling to produce web-based dynamic mapping products.

The research project is a collaborative endeavour between two research groups from Japan and Israel.
The Japanese team is from IRIDeS (International Research Institute of Disaster Science), Tohoku University and the Israeli team is from SPARG (Spatial Analysis Research Group), Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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